The Best Natural Black Braid Hairstyles for Your Special Occasion

If you feel it is hard to find natural braid hairstyles, you better check for more collections. Although it is a natural style, you can still do unique things with it. Similarly, it can tell you of several popular styles. With a more relaxed style, you can form a concept more exciting than the hair.

Unique Natural Braid Hairstyles

Never stop your exploration about natural braid hairstyles. Again, never forget to think about your consideration factors like face types and head shapes. Fix the considerations and let us start picking the most suitable braided style for you.

1) Side Hawk Suzy
It is a funky style which can be made from simple braiding. This is a great combination between crochet and Mohawk concept. To start it, just pick the part to be braided. Pin them as you decide the spot. Make a horizontal shape with the braided part and sew the tips. Continue by making curly weave with crochet needle, and spray for finishing. You can apply it for oval face with medium or longer hair.
2) Patricia Passion
It is another funky style for you in a shorter version. We will make circular lines with outer section. Continue it by braiding one long cane, and sew the tips. Make curly weave by adding crochet needle. For finishing, spray it for smoother shape.
3) Hot Crossed Bun
It is an elegant bun which rounded by simple braid. Just make it as ordinary bangs, and create a circular section. We just make a little bun and add the needle. This is one of great hairstyles for natural black hair as you can use for formal events. This will suitable for every face type so you do not have to worry about it.

Natural Braid Hairstyles

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Certainly, there are many unique styles that you can try. You can do more than a style to compare them. So, it won’t be hard to pick natural braid hairstyles.

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